Decide By Final Methodology

May 6th, 2012 by TOPer

SEO Delhi Company e-fuzion start it by saying that for the key word finalization of a web site the first step is to device the theme of the web site. The key words then should be generated which is sync with the premising structure of the site. The home pages and the other higher level pages should target more general key words for high ranking. And the deeper pages and the other pages should target more specific and qualified words. Once the sites themes and sub themes are done, let’s start by looking for the key words. And in step two the finalization of the key words for any given site can be done in the following way. SEO Delhi generates different seeds of keywords for the site. Expansion of the seed key words into key - phrases by adding qualifiers. Generating a larger set of keywords by word play on the key-phrases generated in step second. The seed key words can be generated by either of the ways mentioned below. The client provides the terms and feels are relevant to its business. The SEO Delhi firm generates the seed words by understanding the business domain and the business model of the client. Now to these seed key words add qualifiers. These qualifier key words can be any thing location, sub product, color, part no, activity, singular etc. By utilizing these qualifiers one can expand the list of the seed keywords. SEO Delhi (e-fuzion) offers different technologies for signifies your web in top rank. Typically a sub theme key phrase could be of two-three-four word length. One recent study suggest customer to choose e-fuzion for getting more benefit.