High Search Engine Ranking Needs Concentrated Efforts

May 1st, 2012 by TOPer

With the advent of search engines, there have been users who have used ways and means to achieve high search engine rankings. In the beginning, these search engine techniques were fairly simple, such as stuffing hidden tags with keywords or using invisible text on pages. As the search engines caught on to these tactics, the techniques used to achieve high search engine ranking evolved into more sophisticated methodologies. What is overlooked is the fact that the search engines have established ranking criteria based upon extensive study of their users. In most cases, the sites that do not have high search engine ranking are not giving the visitor what the search engine rule book has deemed important. Unless they have the awareness to know what search engine users want, how could a web designer or business owner expect to do better? In short, put informative content on your pages. Your search engine techniques shouldn't center on taking an existing site and changing it as little as possible for the sole purpose of achieving high search engine rankings - rather it should center around making whatever changes are necessary to directly address the interests of your visitors. 'The Visitor is King.’ - keep that in mind when working on your website, and the search engines are sure to reward you with high search engine rankings. For high search engine ranking you also need to make sure that your website gets fully indexed. There are two main ways to ensure that your site is spider friendly and that the relevancy is added. The first is to place text links at the bottom of your homepage to your main internal pages. The second is to create a sitemap to all your internal pages and link to it from your homepage. Remember, all major search engines give credit to sites that have quality links pointing to them. How many is enough depends on your industry and targeted phrases. The first place to seek links is with topic-specific directories. After that you may want to move into reciprocal link building. Some webmasters will simply link to any website that links back to them. But we advise you to link to relevant sites only If your web designer is unable to show high rankings for your site, its time to change hands. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists bring you effective solutions to give your site high search engine ranking. Find a specialist with a good track record and reap the results.