How to Create Smart Incoming Linking

April 30th, 2012 by TOPer

In order to get your site recognized by the main search engines and obtain a high page ranking, you need to be able to get your site noticed by engines like Yahoo and Google. While there are several more search engines out there, these are the big two that you want to get noticed, and ranked, by. One way, a very big way, to get noticed is to create incoming links that are going to stand out to the search engines. How do you do that? See Smart Linking, but more about it later. You have to be honest with your links, you have to link to a relevant site, you have to use strong anchor text in your link to get noticed, and most importantly, IT HAS TO BE RELEVANT. Today, search engines use spybots and cookies to bounce around the internet checking all of the information and links that are out there. A couple of years ago, search engines didn’t have that ability, so web masters could create links that were not truthful or relevant to the sites he or she were linking to. They used business directories like DMOZ and many others. Now a web master has to be careful with his or her links. In order to create smart and effective links, a web master has to choose a site to link to that is relevant to his or her own site. If I have a site that sells ink for ball point pens, I would not want to try and link to a site that buys scrap metal. The bots and cookies would check the links, find out that they have no relevance to one another, and give me little or no credit towards my page rankings. That is the key in smart web marketing: using smart incoming links. Another factor that makes links smart is anchor text. If I link to a site, the text that a person would click on to come to my site is called the anchor text. For my pen ink site, I might want to link to the site that sells the ball point that goes in the tip of the pen. For my anchor text, I wouldn’t want to simply put “Click here”, I would put something like: “For the best ink to go with the best ball point, visit me.” Why is that “smart incoming linking”? Because of the relevance and the anchor text. Search engines will recognize both of those factors and give my site a higher pager ranking because I am linking to a similar site. Not an identical product or service, but one that my product can help and vice-versa. One Canadian based web site Smart Linking (Canadian Text Links) has done it very well by allowing clients to choose the link and anchor they wish for a relatively affordable price. Other factors that help make smart incoming links are linking to a site that is, itself, highly rated by the search engines and, getting your link on a webpage that has several relevant keywords in regards to your site. While there are other ways to increase the power of your links, these are the foundation of creating smart incoming links and will help you on your way of achieving a higher page rank.