Search Engine Optimisation

May 5th, 2012 by TOPer

There are many ways to optimise your website and everyone has a different opinion on how to do it, but there's one thing everyone agrees on is the two pronged approach, onpage and offpage. Today I am going to talk about on-page optimisation, the biggest mistake many people make is that they have their website built wait around for a few month and wonder why there's no traffic heading there way. The website should be built with optimisation in mind right from the start, it might look great having lots of Flash flying around your site (I personally don't think so) but without your keywords spread throughout your text the web bots are not going to find it. I think it's important to have your title heading as an H1 and in bold, but only do it once on a page otherwise you could get penalised. The web bots/spiders read pages from top left to bottom right so I would also reinforce your title again by putting it next to the copyright logo. There is always a discussion about Head and Meta tags, I firmly believe you must do this and definitely the Title as this does carry weight with Google. The main ingredience for success in any business is hard work and this certainly applies to Search Engine Optimisation oh and throw in a whole lot of time for good measure!